Metsim Model Development

In collaboration with Project Simulation Consulting (PSC), Treo offers consultancy services for full Life-Of-Mine Metsim model development from the geological Mine Block Model to the final production of metals & other minerals. PSC has been servicing Metsim clients for many years and has acquired specialist Metsim simulation model development knowledge since its inception for advanced mining and process simulation.


Services offered include the development of steady-state & dynamic Metsim simulation models including detailed mass-, energy- and component balances, equipment lists, design & operating criteria.


Herewith a list of Metsim simulation benefits:

  • To provide detailed water, mass and component balances for entire process circuits
  • To validate proposed pre-feasibility engineering design before detailed
    engineering & design commences
  • To validate the proposed control philosophy of an operation
  • To validate the suggested ROI of a project in granular detail
  • To determine the effect of adverse criteria (i.e. extreme weather) on a
    proposed design and make suggestions for alternative processing options
  • To provide an operational model to simulate the “first-fill” process of an operation for training of personnel prior to commissioning to protect the capital invested
  • To provide an operational model to track forecasted actual vs planned head grade feed to the plant and to plan stockpile reclaim rates on either a daily or by-shift basis – if ores are stacked into different stockpiles, this model will allow users to track stockpile inventories and optimize reclaim rates
  • To enable digital twin and metal accounting solutions

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