Treoplan | Schedule Development

The deterministic (Critical Path Method or CPM) approach to schedule creation combined with non-collaborative project planning is a recipe for project failure. Project failure may not be caused by poor execution, but simply by the fact that the plan was never realistic or achievable in the first place.


Treoplan creation overcomes ‘Merge Bias’ on conventional CPM schedules by involving all key task owners in a collaborative, facilitated project planning workshop at project start. A spread of completion duration estimates for activities are provided and entered into a simulation program which statistically derives a spread of milestone completion dates with their respective confidence levels. In this way, customers are safeguarded from communicating unrealistic project information to key project stakeholders.


An environment for project task accountability and ownership among project team members is created before execution begins. World-recognized quality metrics are used to assess the integrity of project logic (i.e. the appropriate use of relationship types, lead/lag avoidance, missing/redundant logic assessment), constraint dates and level of detail.


Leading edge software (Powerproject) is used to create, distribute and update project schedules.

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