Remote Project Tracking

Treo has developed a unique project reporting and remote activity tracking methodology which has proven itself across a broad variety of projects, saving man-hours through the elimination of project meetings.


Powerproject (which seamlessly integrates both Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project schedules) & Site Progress Mobile are used to deploy schedule activities to an encrypted cloud-based environment where they are made available to designated project team members for reporting through freely downloadable mobile or desktop applications. Once activity updates are submitted back to the cloud, the project administrator, planner or manager seamlessly synchronises the project schedule with the data in the cloud and a progress update is captured.


Remote project activity tracking has become a ‘go to’ mechanism for site based projects where client project resources are often expected to deliver on their day-to-day operational duties and simply do not have the time to attend meetings. The simplicity and ease of capturing project information also allows for many projects to be tracked simultaneously further reducing man-hours. Treo will take a baselined schedule and tailor a low cost, remote tracking solution for clients wanting to make use of this service.

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